We decided for Graham to keep a record of his phonecalls for March.

Clients assisted by phone: New, 16; existing, 60

Hours spent on the phone: 64


Finally, on Feb 5th, The Sunday Telegraph reported the interview of Nick Skinner by Lynn Wallace. The delay was due to the fact that, being a non-date-specific article, other news events were given priority. This was a real trial to the patience: four months, in the event.

We decided to send copies throughout our mailing list, and attached it to the web site.

We are still raising funds for our residential centre, where we plan to offer private counselling sessions, longterm support for ex-group-members, and training for other supportive folk aware of the draw of such groups. Capital funds are accumulating slowly. We have monthly donations coming in, which we aim to use for running costs, or could also be put towards a mortgage.